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  Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist
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Amelia Batchelor​​​​​ ND

(Naturopathic Practitioner)​, ​​ Hurstbridge 

BA Health Science (Naturopathy) SSNT
Member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioner's Association (ANPA),
Herbalist, nutritionist, homeopath & lifestyle counsellor, specialising in:

- C hronic fatigue/post viral fatigue

- G astrointestinal health including IBS & SIBO

- A utoimmune conditions:Diabetes, Crohn's/Colitis, Psoriasis,
   lupus/rheumatoid arthritis

- W omen's reproductive health: period pain, PCOS
  endometriosis, pre conception/natural fertility & menopause
- C hildren's & adolescent health: ADHD, allergies, glandular 
   fever, acne, eczema

- Cardiovascular health,liver detoxing,weightloss&k etodiets 
- A nxiety/depression/stress

Consultations by appointment, phone: 0410330061 to request a booking or Email: amelia@mentha.com.au

Located: Main street Hurstbridge, opposite the Hurstbridge train station above Okuden. 
802A Level 1. Kinglake-Heidelberg Road,
Hurstbridge, Victoria 3099.

Practice Hours: Monday 9am - 5:30pm, Wednesday 9 - 5:30pm, Thursday 12pm - 7:30pm, Friday 9am - 5:30pm.
Saturday by appointment.

CURRENT SPECIAL: March only, half price for the initial 1 hour consultation. Places are limited. For consult fees please email your inquiry to amelia@mentha.com.au

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Amelia takes great pride in helping her clients make positive changes to their health status. She achieves this through her excellent naturopathic support, knowledge & passion for her field. Amelia lives & breathes natural living & encourages clients to be motivated, on track and flourishing within themselves.

An interest in naturopathy began in her early teens when she started using plants as medicine via the use of pure essential oils & the power of herbal therapy to help her family members & her own health concerns. Healthy nutrition was also important growing up to enhance her performance as a dancer,  sprinting athlete, & karati enthusiast adopting the 'food as medicine' concept by using whole foods.

Later in life she found herself studying an inspiring & lengthy degree in health science at the Southern School Of Natural Therapies, one of the oldest & most respected natural medicine universities in Australia. This was a post grauate degree after completing an initial degree in Arts Music Industry at R.M.I.T, & working as an event manager for several years prior to the commencment of her science degree.

As a practitioner, Amelia previously worked in regonal Victoria & clinics in North Eastern Melbourne, establising her own practice Mentha in 2016. Her specialty is chronic illness.  In the mid 90’s she assisted her father with his later stage diabetic complications including kidney failure. This sparked an interest in both allopathic medicine & naturopathy combined after the success of his transplant. Gastrointestinal autoimmunity is also a specialty, in particular Crohn's/Colitis as her mother was disgnosed in the late 90's. Her experiences have  lead to a keen eye for the treatment of all autoimmune diseases &  non IBD gastrointestinal conditions such as S.I.B.O. Fatigue conditions such as fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue & chronic fatigue are also common conditions in which she treats. With years of experience treating these aliments and the various stress disorders that accompany being chronically ill, Amelia also works along side allopathic  specialists & other practitioners to achieve maximum benefit for her clients.
As well as chronic disease, Amelia has a passion for treating younger people’s health including: adolescence, children & infants, with various conditions such as allergies, behavioral problems including ADHD & poor performance at school, acne, eczema, low immunity & glandular fever.

Healthier Living Environments are also a specialty in Amelia's practice, by working with the concept of Building Biology. Often clients need practical advice on how to improve their homes to better their health & the health of their families.  Amelia enjoys working with her clients to achieve a healthier home environment through various positive natural & eco changes that can be made to enhance modern living. The Mentha Natural Medicine practice in Hurstbridge is located on the same level as Sustainable Building & Design Pty. Ltd, a company specialising in the design & build of more sustainable, eco-friendly & healthier dwellings. Mentha Natural Medicine is working along side this company to promote a healthier & more sustainable outcome for the community.

Motto: "Have a beautiful, happy & healthy life & live it to the fullest!"
How can you be empowered to better your health?
Natural medicine - combining modern science with ancient traditions in unison, to create a  wonderful healing that is the practice of ' Naturopathy.'

Elements of Mentha Natural Medicine:
  1. Herbal Medicine
    As a practitioner Amelia specialises in herbal medicine. Herbal medicine includes the use of organic therapeutic-grade dried herbs, herbal liquid tinctures & herbs in tablet form. Herbal medicine is used to treat a wide variety of aliments with excellent results.
  2. Nutrition
    Good nutrition is the basis of health. Nutrition provides the building blocks for life. Amelia works with her clients to identify problems within the diet & rectify deficiencies. Amelia is a firm believer in the concept of 'Food Is Medicine' & empowers her clients to improve their diets.
  3. Lifestyle Changes
    It's true that a 'sea change' works wonders, but sometimes it's just about the little changes that we make to ours lives that overall make a big difference to our health. Amelia helps her clients to identify the necessary changes needed to achieve a a better health outcome.
  4. Healthier Living Environments
    With a keen interest in building biology Amelia enjoys suggesting ways to improve the home environment. This includes the use of more healthier & eco friendly home & personal care products. Amelia also has extensive knowledge with EMF radiation within the home & building/renovation health hazards.
  5. Homeopathy & Flower Essences
    The use of homeopathy & flower essence therapy is traditional natural medicine which has been commonly used across Europe & India for centuries. Today homeopathy continues to be very popular particularly in countries such as Germany & France. Amelia incorporates these practices within treatments.
  6. Testing
    Basic tests are carried out in clinic. Other more extensive tests are carried out via pathology laboratories. Testing is not necessary in all cases, however is available for most conditions. Testing will be explained at the initial consultation. Clients can request more extensive testing if required.
Amelia Batchelor Hurstbridge Naturopath
Consultations by Appointment: 802A Kinglake Road Hurstbridge, 3099, Victoria. Phone: 0410330061
​Email: amelia@mentha.com.au

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